Tattoo Removal


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Sometimes you just want a fresh start or some time to think before you get a new tattoo. Laser tattoo removal can also be used to remove a tattoo entirely.

Full tattoo removal is a much longer process than fading. Depending on the tattoo, a full removal can take more than 12 sessions and requires a 1-2 year time commitment.


The Size & Colours Of Your Tattoo: The bigger the tattoo, the longer it takes to remove. Certain colours can also take longer to remove than others.

Your Skin Tone: In general, the darker your skin tone, the harder it is for the laser to penetrate and destroy the ink particles.

Your Adherence To Aftercare: We don’t make you wait 6-8 weeks between sessions for no reason. An integral part of tattoo removal is your immune system removing the destroyed ink particles. By properly following our aftercare instructions, you can reduce the amount of sessions needed


Approximate costing of size tattoos (not final quote)

20-50 cent coin size  $90*

Finger size (word) $130 - 170*

Palm Size $250 - $350* depending on pattern 

20cmx 20xm $350 - $550* depending on pattern and shading

Initals (small size 1cm-3cm) $99* per two initals. 

Half Arm sleeve:  depending on little pattern $550 - $1000*

Full Arm sleeve:  depending on alot of pattern $700* - $1300*





* Appointment needed for final price.


Must come in for final quote on tattoo.