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Treatment Includes numbing


Some of the best therapies use natural mechanisms for healing and rejuvenation. Skin needling applies advanced clinical procedures that stimulate your own body to form healthy, glowing skin. Although minimally invasive, the micro-needles encourage collagen and elastin production while also allowing new capillaries to form. In other words, your body will naturally restore itself and look younger after recovery from skin needling. It is a progressive and valuable treatment for reduction of scars, removing wrinkles and tightening skin. Skin needling performed in a certified skin clinic environment is among the safest and most popular skin treatments.


What are the skin needling benefits?


The procedure is suitable on pale, dark, sensitive or thin skin. Skin needling effects only the dermis skin level, leaving underlying tissue intact. The procedure can be safely repeated and the pain level is well tolerated when the procedure is performed in a dedicated and professional setting.


What does the skin needling procedure involve?


A topical numbing cream is applied prior to the needling device lightly puncturing the skin in areas requiring improvement. The procedure can be finished within a few minutes or last up to an hour when treating more complex skin issues.


What does recovery from skin needling involve?


The procedure is minimally-invasive although there may be some swelling, redness or dryness for a few days. A gentle facial cleanser should be applied prior to bed on the day of the operation, while makeup and regular products can be applied the next morning.


Are there skin needling side effects?


Recovery is generally rapid, and your body will heal naturally. Localised skin infection can occasionally occur and is easily treated with appropriate cleansing agents.


How many skin needling treatments will I need?


This will depend on your needs. Moderate acne scarring can be markedly diminished in three treatments, whereas burns and stretch marks may require 5 treatments. Wrinkling and aged skin can be dramatically rejuvenated every year.


Are skin needling results immediate?


Collagen, elastin and blood vessels take time to naturally form. Changes will begin to manifest after two weeks, improvements continue for many months, and results are permanent.


*Numbing extra $10 - Please pay at day of appointment.