O Cosmedics CATALYST RETINOL PEEL:(in clinic treatmemt)

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CATALYST RETINOL PEEL: The perfect Vitamin A anti- aging peel, perfect for all skin types looking for skin health, repair and correction.

Concentrated levels of pure Retinol and encapsulated Retinol, Niacinamide and Natural Fruit Acids work together to counteract skin aging, improve the appearance of UV damage, normalise keratinisation to improve the skin’s cellular renewal process, refine and resurface the skin, even out skin tone and provide potent anti-inflammatory activity in even the most weakened skins.

$199.00 with pre-peel potent retinol serum Time: 30 mins 



PH: Not driven by PH
Experience: Heat and biting sensation Leave On 3-7 Minutes
How Often Fortnightly
Time Required 30-45 Mins Fitzpatrick 1-3 ( 4,5 and 6 as long as using retinol)
Contraindications Pregnancy


Retinol 2% (pure and encapsulated) is a form of Vitamin A, fat soluble antioxidant. It helps to normalise keratinization, reduce lines and wrinkles, improves acne and increases collagen production.

Snap8 blocks chemicals that trigger muscle contractions. It is a octapeptide and helps reduce depths of wrinkles on the face.

Perfection Peptide 3 stimulates the natural desquamation of the skin.

Niacinamide 10% also known as Vitamin B3 improves hydration, promotes barrier repair, lightens pigmentation. It is a cell communicating ingredient. It is excellent for aging skins and regulating oil and improving the skins immune function.

V8 Peptide ComplexTM exclusively to O Cosmedics uses the latest in peptides and antioxidants to prevent and correct visible signs of aging.

Multifruit BSC 5% blend of five botanical extracts that increases the rate of cell renewal resulting in skin that appears fresher, smoother and you Pomegranate Enzyme 22% exfoliates the epidermis by digesting redundant cells