LED Light Therapy


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LED Therapy

Clinical skin treatments have undergone a revolution with the introduction of LED therapy. This procedure replaces old and compromised skin cells by creating the necessary environment for regeneration of new and healthy skin. LED therapy is painless and effective, using light to penetrate tissue and stimulate healing, while also aiding blood circulation and lymphatic health. LED therapy is a modern success story and one reason skin clinic treatments get the nod of approval from highly regarded medical associations.


Are there different LED Therapies?


Light waves possess a huge range of medical applications that are incorporated into clinical skin care. LED light is extremely useful as the colour of light determines its effect on the skin, and a range of skin issues can be treated. Blue LED Light Therapy is extremely useful for combating difficult acne, while Red LED Light Therapy treats aged skin, pigmentation and sun damage.


Are there other benefits of LED Therapy for the skin?


Cell growth and metabolism is improved, helping skin becomes smoother and more elastic. LED Therapy boosts the production of collagen and other essential nutrients.


Can anyone undergo LED Therapy?


Although any healthy person is usually a good prospect for LED Therapy, there are some exceptions. Pregnant women, people who suffer from epilepsy and those with a thyroid condition should avoid exposure to LED light. Professional Vanish Skin Clinic staff will advise you if your chosen treatment is contraindicated.


What are the advantages of LED Therapy?


It's painless and non-invasive, rejuvenating and soothing. LED Therapy treats acne, aged skin, wrinkles, fine lines, scarring and other skin issues. The therapy is safe for all types of skin and can be used in tandem with dermabrasion, skin peels and laser treatments.


How many LED Therapy treatments are required?


Most patients benefit from a course of treatments over the space of several months. The number of treatments will be determined by the severity of the skin problem and its response to LED Therapy. Regular treatments are combined with a dedicated skincare programme to achieve optimum results